Friday, December 6, 2013

Hot! More Hippeastrums, of course...

It's hot out there!

12/06/13 - Record high temperature!?

But as long as the wind blows, it's not so bad out there. Just wish it wasn't so muggy! So what have I been up to, garden-wise? Can't think of anything...

I am up to my old amaryllis/hippeastrum tricks again. Back on the 31st of October, someone shared this picture of H. Pixie from 'Living Gardens' on the amaryllis forum and I thought it was pretty cool. Of course the hybridizer in me wanted to buy one and see if I could cross it and try for unique flowers.

I placed an order for one Pixie and one Intokazi.

11/06/13 - Received the bulbs - Hippeastrum Intokazi and Hippeastrum Pixie

Unfortunately, shortly after receiving the bulbs, someone from Living Gardens contacted me to let me know that the supplier mislabeled the bulbs and that Pixie wouldn't be available until next year. They gave me a couple choices on what I wanted to do, and I decided to get a refund on the bulb and try for Pixie again when it becomes available. I thought it was pretty cool that they were honest about it and made sure I was satisfied. I'd certainly buy from them again.

12/06/13 - Amaryllis Intokazi

12/06/13 - Amaryllis "Pixie Bust"
Unfortunately my "Pixie Bust", which I've nicknamed it as a combo of 'pixie dust' and BUST, did not come with a flower scape ready to go. From what I can see on the amaryllis forum, it appears this bulb blooms white flowers. I'm waiting to see what everyone else's are like and hopefully they'll share their results. I won't know myself if it blooms next year or whatnot. I don't really have good luck with miniature amaryllis because my Green Dragon never bloomed again.

Intokazi is doing excellent so far. Can't wait to see the blooms open.