Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Update - Lots of Images

I was asked to give my blog a brand new update since it's been awhile. It's just hard to do when it is way too hot outside and nothing is remotely pretty to look at.

But anyhow, hold onto your hats... Here comes a bunch of ugly.


Bonsai - Ginseng Ficus

Sago Palm

Sago Palm - Close-Up. New Leaves?

Amaryllis Seedlings - Still Going Strong

Pumpkin Bed/Hyacinth Bean Vine

Various Squash/Gourds Mixed

Hyacinth Bean Vine

Don't Know - Purple Flowers

Thanksgiving Cacti and Christmas Cacti in Shade

Thanksgiving Cactus "Fruit"? "Pod"?

Pachira Tree (The only survivor from the Money Tree)

Stargazer Lily (Not very healthy)

Illustris Elephant Ears

Illustris Elephant Ears (Can't get rid of them from this spot!)

Blood Banana

That should cover a good chunk of stuff!