Thursday, October 25, 2007

Long time, No blog

Wow. I knew it was only a matter of time before the heat would make me lose interest in gardening. The past week's temperatures have actually been cool enough for plants to go from 'tolerate' mode to 'thrive' mode. It has also rained a few times and the plants are loving it.

It's really strange to see the plants thriving now when they just sat still during the extreme summer heat. Even when I watered certain plants every day - such as the birdhouse gourd - they still continued to sit still and just ... tolerate the harsh conditions. Now the birdhouse gourds are vining out and sending out tons of flowers. I wonder if it has enough time to begin to develop the new gourds that are starting to grow.

Um.. What else... Oh yes, the roses were removed and thrown away. It's a ton of work to make them happy and keep them blooming. When the heat and humidity made me water only two plants closest to the back door, the roses quickly stopped blooming and got all messy again.

I threw away all the tiny tim tomato plants. They stopped growing tomatoes even though I had them in partial shade to avoid the hot afternoon sun.

I'll try to remember to get my camera with me and take a picture of what's been happening.