Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not Candy Floss Amaryllis

My Candy Floss finally bloomed a few days ago but the more I stared at the image on the website that I bought the bulb from, the more I was convinced that this isn't Candy Floss. The Candy Floss displayed on the site also had white stamen/anthers while mine were pink. So I posted a thread in the Amaryllis forum to see what other members thought.

The two pictures below are outside in evening sun:

The one picture below is inside under white light and flash:

Members pretty much confirmed that I do not have Candy Floss. One member posted a picture of his Candy Floss. Then there were suggestions such as, "Could it be Summertime? Could it be Milady?" Then the thread petered out with no solid guess on what the flower could be. I did contact the site that I ordered the bulb from but did not hear back from them. I'll probably give it a week before contacting them again.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bearded Iris seedlings

I have to admit that I'm surprised at how many Bearded Iris seeds germinated. Last year I went to look up information on when to sow the seeds and it was pretty much agreed that the methods of winter stratification or soaking the seeds in water for weeks were the way to go. There was talk about how some of the seeds are so tough that their purpose is to take up to ten years before they burst free from the shell. Something about how they're protected in case something happens to the early birds that came up. It looks like just about every seed germinated.
Purple Mom/Black Dad

Black Mom/Purple Dad

Close-up of iris seedlings - Black Mom/Purple Dad
And for personal records, I was given a couple more plants.
Dutch Iris Miss Saigon and Garden Amaryllis Red & White
After doing a search for Dutch Iris, it appears that they're less-liked because they tend to dwindle in number instead of proliferating? The "Garden Amaryllis Red & White" looks like Minerva.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Green Dragon Amaryllis - self pollinated.

Wow. I thought I posted pictures of the Green Dragon Amaryllis when it bloomed. Guess not...

Below taken January 24th 2012:

Below five taken January 31, 2012 in different shades/sun:

Three other flower buds behind the one that opened.

Below taken February 5, 2012. One bud was aborted so only three blooms came out to play.

Sad looking Green Dragon

Below taken today:

I decided to self-pollinate the Green Dragon Amaryllis to see if it'd take. I have no idea if it worked or not. The pods don't seem to be swelling. The biggest pod in the middle belonged to the first bloom that came out.

Hopefully once spring comes, I can get this little guy in the ground and it can thrive. I'm afraid I'm not cut out for growing amaryllis in small pots.