Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White Thanksgiving Cactus

I was surprised I still had white. I thought I lost this color. Hmm... The Thanksgiving Cactus (Or Christmas Cactus) are all budding and starting to bloom. Still outside are pink, red, dark maria, and yellow. There's also a very tiny one with one bud. I *think* that may be "Salmon". That small pot had two colors, Salmon and White. When one plant died, I thought I lost white. Now I wonder how I got this white one pictured here. hehe.

As for the Christmas Cactus I have, they're still choosing to grow new leaves. It makes me remember how I read that Christmas Cactus were hybridized to heck and back (Now really known as Thanksgiving Cactus) to make them easier to bloom.

I've been waiting to take pictures of the blooms. Most of them have one flower that has opened but I'm waiting for the whole plant to bloom so that it looks better. A waiting game. ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amaryllis grown from seed - Still going

I was asked to give an update on my amaryllis-grown-from-seed. Here it is!

I hope they'll bloom next spring. They're pretty much crowded in that flowerbox. hehe.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Is there anything special about Mimosa?

Every year, I would see these littered all across the backyard but I never think twice about them. I finally picked up a couple today and fished out the seeds.

I am thinking of saving a couple to plant next spring just for the sake of it.