Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Cactus - Fruit? Pod?

I'm surprised this is still attached. When the yellow thanksgiving cactus had one, the pod fell off a few months down the road. However, this one is still attached after all these months. I expect there'll be good seeds to grow from this one.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Update - Lots of Images

I was asked to give my blog a brand new update since it's been awhile. It's just hard to do when it is way too hot outside and nothing is remotely pretty to look at.

But anyhow, hold onto your hats... Here comes a bunch of ugly.


Bonsai - Ginseng Ficus

Sago Palm

Sago Palm - Close-Up. New Leaves?

Amaryllis Seedlings - Still Going Strong

Pumpkin Bed/Hyacinth Bean Vine

Various Squash/Gourds Mixed

Hyacinth Bean Vine

Don't Know - Purple Flowers

Thanksgiving Cacti and Christmas Cacti in Shade

Thanksgiving Cactus "Fruit"? "Pod"?

Pachira Tree (The only survivor from the Money Tree)

Stargazer Lily (Not very healthy)

Illustris Elephant Ears

Illustris Elephant Ears (Can't get rid of them from this spot!)

Blood Banana

That should cover a good chunk of stuff!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spider Plant Discovery

For several months now, I've been ripping out thick grass-like plants out of the pots of my jade plants. I figured that some seeds from weeds floated and landed in the pots and started growing a rhizome or bulb which made it nearly impossible to get rid of them but I've been too lazy in the heat to really dig them out. I could rip the leaves off but the main plant remained firmly rooted.

Today, I noticed a spider plant 'vine' sticking through one of my jade plants. I have tons of variegated spider plants in many pots that are all outdoors. I figured someone moved a potted variegated spider plant and that one of the 'vines' poked through my jade plant.

When I went to inspect, it turned out to be a 'vine' sticking out of one of the green grass-like plants! After double-checking, I realized that these plants were spider plants!

The spider plants are growing in several jade plant pots.

Here's a couple spider plants in a jade plant pot.

I asked online and found out that when seeds are grown from variegated spider plants, the seedlings are green. I guess when I had the jade plants beneath the flowerboxes that the spider plants were growing in, the seeds fell into the pots. This is really a pleasant surprise.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cardinal's Nest near Hummingbird Feeder

Hmm... Are cardinals aggressive when it comes to their nests?

There's three cardinals out there right now. A male keeps chasing off an aggressive female who keeps trying to fly to the tree. The third is another female who brings stuff to her nest.

It makes me nervous. I have to go and change the hummingbird feeder tomorrow - I change it once a week. I wonder if cardinals nearby will chase the hummingbirds off. Oy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Don't Bug Me!

Plenty of these big green frogs tend to hide in leaves that are still coiled while growing out of a plant - such as the Peace Lily or Banana Plant - but once in awhile, I'll get a nutty frog that just insists on resting out in the wide open for all to see.



The Iris are coming out of one pot. Right now they're of darker colors. There should be some yellows and light purple coming out later.


The red Amaryllis is blooming!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hanging Basket Grow Kit - 2

Finally opened the kit and assembled it. The seeds planted are "Tiny Tim Tomato Seeds". Looks like a strange set-up for the tomatoes but an interesting idea nonetheless. My fear is that a bird will make a nest on the side!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Hanging Basket Grow Kit

I had a very positive experience with Buzzy's Mini Tomato Grow Kit that I decided to buy this!

Buzzy's Hanging Basket Grow Kit. Yup, more tomatoes! It's still in the box and I've yet to take everything out and examine it closely.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amaryllis Seedlings

I was asked to update the amaryllis I started growing from seed. They're sorta hanging in there. I'll admit the greenhouse is not a thriving environment for most of the plants. Now that I've dragged it back outside, it should start growing more healthy.

I know it'll be at least a year more before I can think of planting them in the ground. I just keep hoping their flowers will be awesome to look at. It'll be disappointing if they're flimsy and weak. The seeds came from a red amaryllis.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dracunculus Vulgaris

My Dragon Arum returned, really early as usual, but I must say I'm stunned. The bulbs continue to hang in there despite the fact that it has been extremely unhappy in various locations over the past few years. This plant died shortly and never grew the entire summer.

I plan to dig these bulbs up as soon as possible and plant them somewhere in the backyard where it can get full sun. Right now, it gets only shade (to beat the summer heat) until evening comes.

I hope the new location I put it in will make it happy enough to bloom. The only reason I got this plant was to see it bloom!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! - Thoughts

Happy 2008!

I'm getting a bit concerned because usually around now, I am excited and can't wait to try something new but that feeling hasn't come yet.

I've noticed from the past twelve years of living here that the summers have gotten increasingly hotter and the humidity is unbearable. I used to be able to go out at any time during summer and be okay but that's not the case for quite a few years now. The humidity is always above 50%.

I guess this means possibly trying to find plants that do not depend on me. The succulents normally tend to do fine but it was a real struggle last summer because of the lack of rain in my area. It was between 18 to 36" below normal. My poor pitcher plant died because I couldn't keep water in its bowl.

Every year I tend to try something new. For a few years I grew pineapple plants! It was pretty exciting to see it bloom .. but then I lost interest. The plants suffered after coming out of the greenhouse so I just threw them away.

I've been unsuccessful with avocado. A friend suggested growing them for me and mailing the plants to me - but the thrill isn't the same because *I* want to experience it.

One year I grew apple trees. They got big enough but the roots were incredibly invasive. Wherever the pots sat, you can bet it was quite funny to try to relocate them because by then the roots grew out of the pots and went deep into the ground. I finally threw them away. I also had luck with tangerine seeds. I believe I gave them away for free after they got big enough.

I used to grow pumpkins but I live in an area where there's 6 billion versions of pumpkin-loving insects that attack the vines and the pumpkins themselves. I finally gave up on growing pumpkins.

I have a couple gourd seeds and pumpkin seeds that I may try and grow. I used to grow pumpkins before the summers became unbearable. I think I'll try to grow pumpkins this year and see if the types of insects have changed. I expect to lose the pumpkins but still have gourds.

I imagine I'll be growing birdhouse gourds this summer. Luckily, there hasn't been a type of bug that goes after them so they tend to grow with no problems. I just hate how they don't seem to grow very big.