Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spider Plant Discovery

For several months now, I've been ripping out thick grass-like plants out of the pots of my jade plants. I figured that some seeds from weeds floated and landed in the pots and started growing a rhizome or bulb which made it nearly impossible to get rid of them but I've been too lazy in the heat to really dig them out. I could rip the leaves off but the main plant remained firmly rooted.

Today, I noticed a spider plant 'vine' sticking through one of my jade plants. I have tons of variegated spider plants in many pots that are all outdoors. I figured someone moved a potted variegated spider plant and that one of the 'vines' poked through my jade plant.

When I went to inspect, it turned out to be a 'vine' sticking out of one of the green grass-like plants! After double-checking, I realized that these plants were spider plants!

The spider plants are growing in several jade plant pots.

Here's a couple spider plants in a jade plant pot.

I asked online and found out that when seeds are grown from variegated spider plants, the seedlings are green. I guess when I had the jade plants beneath the flowerboxes that the spider plants were growing in, the seeds fell into the pots. This is really a pleasant surprise.