Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Summer Smotherin'!

Wow. Humidity and Heat just don't mix together very well. I end up sweating like crazy before I can even walk down the porch steps. It's so smothering out there that I just can't figure out how people lived here in the old days before air conditioning.

I took a quick look around the place and haven't noticed anything new except that I'm not the only gardener here. Squirrels tend to bury corn from their feed and naturally, they grow! If they're in beds and out of the way, I just let them grow and pass it off to the squirrels when the corn is ready.

Don't believe me?



That's all growing in the poor Rose Bed. It's so choked out with grass and weeds. Poor things. I'm saving up newspapers to place in the bed (to be topped with mulch to finish it off) come next Spring so that it's just the roses and nothing else.