Friday, September 2, 2011

Post-Irene with thoughts about Katia

It's hard to think of how a week ago, I was annoyed at the local meteorologist for popping on every 30 minutes to give updates about Irene. I just kept grousing that it'll be, "just wind and rain!" Now that I've had time to absorb everything that's happened last weekend, I feel a little gun-shy towards hurricanes. I've always welcomed them because it meant rain - and I definitely welcomed Irene because I thought she'd come in and get us caught up water-wise due to the drought we had during the summer. I never could've seen it coming that she'd destroy a lot of things in the process.

I propped the plants (Purple Bells? Purple Stars? I can never remember the name of this plant...) up with posts and they recovered pretty well.

As it is right now, a lot of things are still sitting around (Can't really move big trees around and there's no chainsaw here). For the first couple of days, the smell of rot filled the air because the wind wasn't really moving at all and the haze was sitting around. Yesterday and today have been really nice weather and there's some wind so everything smells better.

Looking at the 10 day forecast on TWC, it seems the days of 90's are at an end. Just a lot of 80's.

There's more and more talk of Katia and maybe purchasing a generator. A friend of the family let my father borrow his generator on Monday which was used for about 2 hours to power up some floor fans before the lights finally kicked on. A brief experience with that says that maybe one should be purchased after all. Who knows... If Katia actually does come flying straight in like a bat out of hell and does an 'encore' of what Irene did...